Holiday celebration for Hurricane Sandy

Learn how YOU can Get Involved with the Celebration!

Volunteers for Christmas on the Island

Individuals – Get Involved

An event this large has many various opportunities for you to get involved. Individuals can get involved by donating to a particular drop off location or mail location, or by volunteering your time to help make this event wonderful! Find out what opportunities are available and how you can become a part of the magic of Christmas On The Island! More information…

Christmas On The Island Sponsors

Organizations – Get Involved

There are opportunities for schools, businesses, or organizations of any kind to Sponsor a part of the Christmas On The island. Our “North Pole” will consist of several activity tables for families to enjoy creating Christmas memories along with gifts, food and giveaways. Learn how your organization can help create a magical Christmas experience for everyone! More information…

How it all started

Courtney CLast year on Thanksgiving I found myself displaced with no idea of when I would be back home. I knew Christmas would not be what it should for so many that would not be waking up in their own beds, in their own homes. I started a group with friends and neighbors to bake and collect holiday gifts for our families, first responders and volunteers. I couldn’t imagine that there would not be any signs of Christmas on our beloved island. At that moment, I decided no matter what it took, there would be “Christmas On The Island”.

A small facebook page turned into an outpour of support from schools, churches, companies and people everywhere. Individuals and organizations from all over the country began contacting me for information on where to send their donations. I opened a PO Box and created a team of elves. With their help, we organized a caravan on December 23rd with everything from thank you cards to… Read Full Story…